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Productivity Hack | Self Confidence Part 1

Being the BEST you!

Productivity Hacks

Courtesy of Marty Gouveia, Max Training Specialist

Hello, this is Marty Gouveia, MAX Training Specialist with QubicaAMF. Today, we are going to briefly go into what I call the “BLACK HOLE” of Center Leadership. Sometimes, it’s good to take a look at ourselves in terms of leading our teams, implementing programs, and just getting things done in the huge scope of what you do day to day. As a former operator, I always firmly believed that these “self-checks” always kept me fresh. Don’t get me wrong, there are potholes and ruts we tend to fall into in the day to day whirlwind of activities, but it’s important that we perform some of these exercises so that we don’t slide into complacency, and become counterproductive.

Just like in your entertainment venue, if left un-kept, and not refreshed, things can get complacent, boring, same old, you get it, and your customers will notice it as well. So let’s get started shall we?


If you have weekly manager meetings, excellent. If not, start. If you have a smaller center with just a few staff members, include them as well. Cohesive communication within the team is paramount. Keeping staff members on the same page in terms of promotions, policies, recognition are very important, and we don’t want people forming negativity or doubt, because we haven’t talked to them on a consistent basis.

EXERCISE!! – Find out how your employees perceive you

This exercise was taught to me by a former mentor, and it was huge. This is also very tough for leaders, as you don’t expect what responses you are going to get for dialogue. If this pushes you out of your comfort zone. . . . . . EXCELLENT!!! This is how we grow.

During your weekly Managers’ meeting, or small staff meeting in a room, make sure you have a large flip chart, and a marker. On the flip chart, with a marker, draw a line down the center. On the left write “Doing well”, on the right, write “opportunity”. Explain to the staff, that you are going to leave the room for 20 minutes, and you would like them to write as a team what you do well in their eyes, and what opportunities you have to improve. Please reinforce that there are ZERO consequences for this exercise, as some staff members may refrain from being honest.

When you return, review the list, and have constructive dialogue with your team. Go over both pros and cons. Use probing questions to get details and situations that made them come to these conclusions. NEVER put people down for these assessments. Thank the staff after the conversation, let them know that their voice matters, and take your list for your own study, and find ways to improve on areas of opportunity.

You would be surprised on how incredibly productive this exercise can be. When I performed it for the first time, I was totally nervous, almost making myself vulnerable to peoples’ criticism, etc. At the end of the day I was actually stoked for the feedback, because they are the folks following my direction, and are in the building with me each day, so yes, their feedback is just as important as my supervisors’, and as a bonus, made a more cohesive team and positive environment for the business grow. Finally, it allowed me to make positive changes on how I interact and behave in general to be a better manager.

With that we are going to wrap up. Stay tuned for part 2, in a future blog post soon. This is Marty Gouveia, MAX Training Specialist for QubicaAMF, saying good luck, and see you next time.

Productivity Hack | Summer is Coming Part 2


Productivity Hacks

Courtesy of Marty Gouveia, Max Training Specialist

Hello, this is Marty Gouveia, Field Trainer for QubicaAMF. In our last Summer is Coming segment, we briefly covered how to take advantage of the coming spring break, and with the tools that you have, leverage that opportunity to create additional visits, and new customers for the venue.

In this segment, I will cover some opportunities that may or may not be prevalent for your area. Ideas, ideas, ideas are never a bad thing to open the mind up to, and possibly implement to make this critical time of the year more lucrative.

  1. CONSIDER OUR FREQUENT BOWLER TRACKER, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE IT!!! It’s loaded with possibilities from sending email communication to your customer base, to invoicing customers, to gift cards, to loyalty program creation. This module is my personal favorite, and is a powerful tool in target marketing, and customer retention. Contact your local Sales Representative today for more information.
  2. DIVERSIFY YOUR CLUB OFFERINGS THIS SUMMER!! You notice I didn’t say the “L” word. Although Leagues are a very valuable part of a centers’ business, the terminology suggests that a certain skill level is required to participate. The word “club”, makes your program sound a little more inclusive to all. Due to customers’ need to get outdoors during the summer, I always am a fan of “If you can’t beat them join them!” approach. Partner with a local sports team, in this example, lower end professional baseball, and create a club where during the program, the group breaks away from the center and attends a couple of games TOGETHER. Lower level baseball is usually way more affordable, local, and what better way to give the new participant perceived value than going together 2 or 3 times, rather than just once for a big league club. Also try to partner with local golf courses for a pins and greens club, where you alternate between bowling and golf each week.
  3. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS BY CREATING EVENTS. Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, are traditional camping weekends I know, but it never hurts to plan some summer themed parties, or tournaments during these slower days. Isn’t it kind of funny that sometimes the Monday during a 3-day summer weekend is always the busiest day? So plan your events on Saturday or Sunday during the day on these weekends.
  4. YOU HAVE ALL THE TOOLS-GAMES-ADVERTISING TO MAKE THIS STUFF HAPPEN, USE IT!! Whether it is uploading custom images for advertising playlists, to custom signature grids, on-lane advertising, implementing MAD Games or Special Games, make sure you are utilizing what you already have to make your venue a destination spot for the summer!!! The little extra you put out there for your customers’ experience goes a long way in return visits, and positive feedback to friends and family.
  5. CONSIDER GIVING OUR VIRTUAL MARKETING MANAGER A SPIN!! Do these ideas all sound good but you simply don’t have the time or expertise to put full promotions together? Our Virtual Marketing Manager program has a vast repository of customized programs and promotions that will get you promoting and executing quickly. Whether it’s attracting more kids or using your system to enhance the customers’ experience, the Virtual Marketing Manager program is designed to help you grow your business and sustain your success for years to come. Click on the link below for more information or contact and one of our Virtual Marketing Managers will contact you.

With all of that information, we are going to wrap up. I hope the ideas presented above give you a little motivation to try something new this summer, whether it’s a new bowling program, or maybe acquiring Frequent Bowler Tracker to streamline multiple opportunities in one module. This is Marty Gouveia saying good luck, and until next time.

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