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BES X is a robust entertainment system and when coupled with Conqueror Pro you are equipped with a vast number of features and tools that can be leveraged to enhance the customer’s experience AND employee experience. However, sometimes these amazing gems are not discovered right away or the true value is not being realized because they are being underutilized.

Today’s customers have very specific needs and when those needs are catered to, as they are by utilizing BES X and Conqueror Pro, the customers stay in the center longer and come back more often.

When these memorable experiences happen, the customer often give YOU something in return…a good review on Yelp or they post a short video showing their friends on social media how much fun they had at your center. This organic form of advertising, often referred to as User Generated Content or UGC is extremely valuable…it is what today’s customers believe and act upon.

The true beauty of BES X is that the system has features, along with ConquerorPro that truly have appeal to today’s customer and even today’s employees for that matter and helps you create what I call “Insta worth” experiences…you know if you’ve made it to Instagram, it had to be fun!

We will be doing a series called Hidden Gems of BES X and Conqueror Pro over the next few weeks to share with you a few features that you likely already have in your system but perhaps have forgotten about or not yet discovered…or never thought about using in a particular way.

Like all other gems, these features are valuable and contribute to your overall success.

Groups are huge revenue generators. Fulfilling or exceeding the expectations of a unique, personalized experience is rewarded with the willingness to provide great advertising in the form of user generated content (UGC) like reviews or social media posts.

This authentic user generated content is better than any paid advertising you can purchase. There are a number of hidden gems within BES X that gives your center a competitive advantage and provides unique selling points (USP) that should be leveraged when marketing to groups.

The first hidden gem we are featuring on BES Xtras is YouToons. YouToons is one of my favorite features to use with groups and actually has several gems within it.


Since YouToons animations are categorized by Kids, Spicy and Corporate, this is an appropriate feature for ALL groups. This makes is possible to tailor the experience for the specific group.


Another wonderful thing about YouToons is the Boss feature. This feature allows groups to designate the boss in the party and as a result, there are special animations for that person of authority. Naturally, this is great for corporate parties but it also has many other applications such as teacher, coach, principal, retiree being honored, etc.


Did you know that YouToons souvenir photo can include everyone in the group? That’s right, by selecting all the lanes in the group that are using the YouToons environment, the system will pull all the animation together for a group photo. This hidden gem is awesome and groups love when they get a keepsake of their event.   Just a little hint. When you print this group photo, do so on paper that you have added your center logo so you get ongoing publicity.

Do you have a Hidden Gem that you have recently discovered? Please share by leaving us a comment below.

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