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Are You Missing Out?

This year at Bowl Expo, QubicaAMF dedicated an entire second booth to Customer Service and Support, called the Expert Bar!   Many of us referred to it as the QubicaAMF version of the world renowned Apple Genius Bar.  The booth was very well received and customers were able to stop in and get questions answered to most anything that was troubling them.  It was also an opportunity to show attendees that QubicaAMF’s commitment to their success goes well beyond the sale and that there are many resources available to help them use and make money with the products they purchase.

One of the most popular demos at the Expert Bar was exposing customers to the many features of the Cloud Services QPortal and Conqueror Maximization Program.  To see the customer’s reaction when they see that they have a wealth of information at their fingertips and can conveniently access it from anywhere there is internet is priceless.  It was so rewarding!  I’m quite sure there were many that left the tradeshow floor and went right to their computer to take a look for themselves. 

So I have to ask… are you leveraging the QPortal and Conqueror Maximization Program to help you stay on top of your business?  System usage?  Marketing?  Training?   If you’re not taking full advantage of the Cloud Services QPortal and making the most of out the Conqueror Maximization Program, then you you’re missing out!  You have room to grow! 

Having access to valuable customizable business results that can be filtered by date and time range and what you want it to include (trust, expenses, taxes and rounding), along with the ability to pull the overview or details by main department, sector or operator from anywhere you have an internet connection gives you the opportunity to step away and take some much needed rest and relaxation without feeling out of touch. 

There’s no easier way to evaluate what features customers are using to create their entertainment experience than taking a deep dive into Game Statistics on the QPortal.  Whether you want to evaluate your business by Open, League or Tournament you can drill down by date, time and even lanes.  This is a great way to monitor the success of new programs and promotions built around specific features.

Other reports from the dashboard include EDGE String and EDGE Free Fall Pinspotter performance monitoring, bumper statistics and tips reporting, which are dependent upon the equipment you own, with the exception of tips reporting. 

Also conveniently located in the QPortal you have access to other tools and features such as Customer Accounts, Web Reservations and Kiosk Setup, Conqueror Cloud Data Preferences, Center programs and licenses as well as the ability to create and define roles and privileges for QPortal access.  You have full control and can give others access to the QPortal with permission to view ONLY what you choose.

As a member of the Conqueror Maximization Program the convenience and sheer depth of the QPortal doesn’t stop here.  The QPortal is the home to the Training, Marketing, and soon to be Technical Resources Library.  The library is jam packed with everything you need to run a successful center and all in one location.

The Training Resources Library includes short videos on new features or advanced modules to quick “How To” documents to refresh your memory on common tasks.  It also provides quick and easy access to monthly virtual training classes, including the ever popular, 2 hour Ask the Trainer sessions.  If you are struggling with something and not sure where to turn, browse the upcoming virtual training sessions and you will likely find your solution.  Other resource available include previously recorded webinars, Quick Start Guides and even a frequently asked questions section to save you time and frustration.

The Marketing Resources Library equips you with the tools and resources you need to market your center and products to bring in new customers and entertain your existing customers longer.  The library includes all QubicaAMF logos, product marketing kits, thought leadership white papers, bonus marketing collateral, recorded webinars and helpful links to many other resources you have available to make it easy to be successful!

If you are a Conqueror Maximization Program Preferred tier member, you will also have access to 2 hours of training and 2 hours of marketing consultation with a subject matter expert (SME).   This consultative service can be split into 30 minute sessions, depending on the complexity of assistance required and will be determined by the SME assigned to your consultation request.   

The Resources Library is a “living breathing library” that is consistently having new content added and existing content continuously refined to keep up with changes to the products.  Just because you went to the QPortal once and looked at the status of Monster Factory, doesn’t mean you are leveraging the resource to its full capability.  Get into the habit of routinely going to the QPortal to evaluate your business and see what’s new that can help you reach a new level of success.

So as we approach the busy season and leagues are flooring, birthday party bookings are increasing and staffing remains a challenge, take a few minutes and explore what you have access to with a few simple clicks.    When you are successful, we are successful? 


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Better Guest Management

Constant changes in mandates have everyone looking for ways to be more efficient and provide a safer environment for their guests.  Occupancy restrictions and social distancing mandates make it necessary to encourage your guests to adhere to these new protocols.   Here’s a quick tip for those centers that need to have their guests wait in their vehicles until it is their turn to enter the building to play or eat.  Did you know you can create specific waitlist for those guests that need to wait outside until it is their time to enter the building?  It is so simple.

Simply set up a New Time Game Resource (Entire Building, Waiting Outside or name of choice) and choose it as the resource from the Wait List.   This will make it simple to manage guests safely and conveniently.  You can send an SMS Text message to any wait list resource (bowling, waiting outside, etc.) to notify the guest when it is their time to enter the building.

It’ as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Create a new time game
    1. Conqueror Pro Centers (2019 and older) = SETUP > TECHNICAL SETUP > TIME GAMES
    2. Conqueror X Centers (new in 2020) = SETUP > MODULES AND OPTIONS > TIME GAMES
  2. Assign as resource in Wait List
  3. Enter guests information

Need a little help?

  1. Click on the ? button on the page for step by step instructions

Conqueror is filled with ways to assist you in operating your center more efficiently and serving the customer more conveniently.  What’s your favorite Conqueror hidden jewel?  Share it in the comments below.  Together, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!

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