Three Learning Alternatives That Can Score Big

Schools across the world are beginning the academic school year but it is definitely not business as usual. Some schools are starting with online only classes and then transitioning into in person. Others are offering a choice, either online or in person, while others are remaining exclusively online.

This has left parents searching for creative ways to support their child’s educational development while trying to juggle managing childcare, learning all of this while working remotely. Many are considering collaborating with other families for Learning Pods in an effort to share some of the educational responsibilities.

Learning Pods, also known as Pandemic Pods, Micro-Schools or Nano-Schools are small groups of students (typically 3 – 10) that gather regularly to learn in a shared space outside the classroom but still in person, with social distancing. Some pods are hiring certified teachers and others joining together to facilitate learning without paid aides, to ease the financial burden. Others are opting out of schools completely and treating a pod like a home-schooling co-op with an agreed-upon curriculum.

The major reason parents and teachers are forming Learning Pods is for the safety of their children from the coronavirus while still providing social interaction and in-person instruction. Learning Pods are also an option that some are using strictly for socializing, where a small number of students from a particular school or organization might get together regularly for socialization and comradery and can be done with or without a hired facilitator, depending on the intended purpose and age of students.

Learning Pods are all the rage these days. Learning Pod Facebook groups and agencies are popping up by the hundreds and parents are choosing this alternative instead of individual virtual classrooms for their children. Tuition isn’t as big a factor for the parent as safety, quality of education, socialization and convenience is what matters most. Learning Pods create new opportunities for educators, parents…AND entertainment centers. Entertainment centers? Yes, entertainment centers!


What better place for a Learning Pod tutor or instructor to host their Learning Pods?  The center can include:

  • Hi speed internet connection
  • Clean, sanitized restrooms
  • Tables with acrylic dividers (acrylic dividers are readily available on the internet or can be customized and printed at Thompson Print and Mailing Solutions, Sterling Thompson, (210) 734-5356 or
  • Hand sanitizer stations
  • Food and beverage plans
  • Daily activity based on attractions offered

Finding Learning Pods in your area is as simple as a Google or Facebook search. Learning Pod space can be priced for full day, half day, weekly, monthly and can have add on options based on your center.

Other learning solutions can include:


Many parents are turning to homeschooling for their children. However, they still want to provide socialization opportunities and fun activities for their children. Centers can offer weekly programs that can satisfy both in a clean, safe environment. Consider weaving the BPAA Bowler’s Ed In-School Bowling curriculum into the program. Search for the local, state and national homeschool organizations, as well as Mom blogs to reach parents that have chosen homeschool as their preference for their child’s education. Programs can include bowling in various fun formats and other attractions, if available, bowling related curriculum, food and beverage options and more. Remember to enhance the fun by utilizing BES X features such as Lucky Train or Lane Lotto for fun prizes or choose an environment that coordinates with what they are learning such as Oceano or Prehistorica. Search Homeschool Locator and find out what is in your area.


A Parent Relief Program is another way in which centers can contribute to helping struggling parents keep their sanity while having their children enrolled in virtual learning. Provide a program in which parents can enjoy a little “me time” while the kids participate in their online learning at the center. This is a great opportunity to bring in college students pursuing a career in education. Tutoring experience is a great addition for a young graduates resume.

Many centers are offering this solution instead of a program in which the children are dropped off, as to avoid any possible liability issues. The parent is onsite and participating in the program.

Activities will be broken up for parent and child and can include fun bowling competitions, contests, trivia, other activities your facility offers and sponsored activities.

Activities can be sponsored by businesses in the community that can be showcased during the program. Have an arts and craft segment scheduled and approach Michaels or Hobby Lobby to provide a project. Take a look at businesses in your community to determine the best ones to approach for this win-win opportunity. The same can be done for the parents. Partner with someone that does chair massages, a business that could offer makeovers or a trendy fashion show or perhaps the local William Sonoma to do a cooking demo. Bargain for bounce back coupons or discounts for participants and remember that the center can offer MMS Ads in return for the value the business offers the program.

A Parent Relief Program is a great way to introduce your facility to families that are struggling to provide safe, fun activities for their children while they are distanced from their school friends and develop a valuable business network at the same time.

Creativeness has blossomed amidst the pandemic. Don’t be afraid to try something new or consider something that might be a little outside the norm. Parents are facing unprecedented times and want to provide the best options possible for their children. Show your support by offering solutions to their challenges. We are all in this together and together we will survive!

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