It Doesn’t End with the Sale | Thanks Can Make You a Winner!

Many things come into play when providing a customer a great experience.  It’s that pleasant and helpful sales associate taking the reservation, being greeted with a smile and warm welcome when getting their lane, to walking to the lane to see a welcoming message on their scoring grid.  Then the fun begins with all the unique choices they can include in the on lane experience.  Let’s not forget, the convenience of ordering food and cold beer right from the lanes or being chosen the lucky winner as the virtual Lucky Train travels across the lanes.   However, don’t let the experience stop when the money goes into the register.  Take an already great experience over the top with one small heartfelt gesture that will be remembered for weeks and talked about and shared on social media.  Share two simple words, Thank You!

Take the time to say “thank you” after the experience is over.   An old fashioned phone call never goes out of style.  Ask for feedback letting them know you are always looking for ways to improve the services you offer.  Remind the customer how much their business is appreciated and that you look forward to their return.

Thank you can also be demonstrated in a thoughtful email expressing the gratitude for their business and an invitation to return soon for another event.  Perhaps even a thank you “code” that gets them a discount on their next event if booked within 6 months. 

However, a sure fire way to make a lasting impression is to send a physical thank you note!  Handwrite a personal note and include a business card.  Kick it up a notch by including a $5.00 Starbucks gift card and the message “thanks a latte for your business”.    Showing your appreciation and genuine thanks sends out a great message and will keep your center top of mind for future business.   A great best practice is to have each party hostess write a thank you note and hand it to the organizer before the event ends.  This is a nice “note” to end the party on.  These small tokens of gratitude will generate great user generated content.  You’d be surprised how many people will stop what they are doing to tweet or post a picture on Instagram about being thanked for their business.

Companies like Abbott Cards offer a variety of business thank you cards with a number of message choices available.  The cards even have slots for your business cards.  Of course the more cards purchased, the less expensive they are.  You can also design your own cards for that special touch.  As a valued BES X viewer, we have provided a Sample Party Hostess Thank You Card or Sample General Thank You Card for download, our way of saying thank you for being a viewer!


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