It Takes a Village to Survive a Pandemic

We’ve all heard the well renowned African Proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”.  How true this is!  It takes everyone pitching in to share the challenges, the responsibilities, the education, the mistakes and the benefits to raise the best child possible.   The 2020 version of this great African Proverb should be “It takes a village to survive the pandemic”.  Although the traditional image of a village has changed as we are sheltering in place and social distancing, everyone in the village has something they can contribute to making it through the pandemic.

As a business owner

  • Commitment to keeping employees and customers safe
  • Protecting the customer journey
  • Prepare and protect the center for the long term
  • Transparent communication between employees and customers
  • Be safe and stay well

As an employee

  • Abide by all CDC and center protocols to offer a safe and fun environment for customers
  • Transparent communication with employer
  • Be safe and stay well

As a consumer

  • Adhere to social distancing and other safety guidelines
  • Consider the vaccination
  • Find opportunities to reduce possible exposure. For example curbside delivery of groceries, instead of going inside the store or take out instead of dine in
  • Be safe and stay well

QubicaAMF is dedicated to continuing to provide tools and education to assist you in getting through the pandemic.  It is everyone’s responsibility to do their part and share the lessons learned, the challenges, the ideas and the praises.  The Beyond the Frame Facebook community has grown to a group of almost 1000 members from all over the world with the same mission…to get back to doing what they do best…provide a great entertainment experience.  If you are not already a member, join today.  Got ideas?  Something working for you that you can share with others?  Frustrated and need to vent?  Need some help?  Just want to say hello?  We would love to hear from you.  Together, we will get through this.  Join us on Beyond the Frame and engage in conversation with others who may have already gone through the stage you are at or can learn from the journey you have already traveled.

Communication and transparency continue to be a crucial part of pandemic survival.  Stay in touch and engage with the customers, whether the center is open or still waiting to reopen.  Be authentic and weave the customer into your story.  It DOES take a village to survive a pandemic and that message can speak volumes to the customers.   Remind your customers they are part of your village and doing their part will help tremendously in allowing the center to continue to serve their entertainment needs.  Enjoy the free It Takes a Village marketing collateral that can be downloaded below.  Simply add your personal message to the social media post and email and you’re finished.   It does take a village to survive a pandemic and we are happy to be a part of yours!

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