“What do you Mean, No Lanes Available?”

Customers walk through our doors anticipating getting a lane and having fun! Many times, they are with friends or family and have been looking forward to the experience with a great deal of excitement.

Imagine their let down, when they walk in and are told there are no lanes available at this time. It’s understandable when they look across the lanes and see them filled with bowlers doing exactly what they were wanting to do. However, when they scan across the lanes and see an empty lane, their first reaction is…”what do you mean there are no lanes available, lane 30 is empty?”   Yes, lane 30 is empty but it is down for maintenance Wouldn’t it create less disappointment for the customer if they knew that lane wasn’t available?

Make sure you are not giving false hope. When a lane is not available, make sure you have an MMS Ad letting the customer know in order to avoid undo frustration. The customer gets hyped when they see there is an open lane, just to find out it’s really NOT available after all. Download your complimentary Lane Not Available MMS Ads.

Are you making sure your customers are being handled properly when there is a waiting list for lanes? Make sure team members are putting themselves in the customer’s shoes. The customer is disappointed to find they are not going to get to start their fun right away as planned.

Are you giving the customer a reason to stay and wait or if they can’t wait around, are you giving them a reason to come back in the future? Giving the customer a voucher for a discount on a food and beverage purchase while they wait or ½ hour of complimentary billiards can go a long ways to encourage them to hang around until the lane is available. However, sometimes it’s not possible for a customer to wait. We don’t want the customer to leave with disappointment so offer then a voucher for first half hour free on their next visit or offer of your choice to give them an incentive to stop in again.

Remember, great customer service starts from the minute the customer walks through the door…whether they play or go on the waiting list. Make sure you are doing everything possible to make sure the customer doesn’t have a negative experience just because lanes are not available. Each and every customer contributes to our success and should be treated as if they are the only customer we have!

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