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Today’s productivity hack is being brought to you on behalf of Jonathan Chalkley, Max Training Specialist, here at QubicaAMF.

Addressing customers by name.  Many times customers come and go and we say thank you and welcome, but we don’t welcome them or thank them by name. Great examples would be when a repeat customer comes back into the center that you know and you say “Hey John, welcome back glad you came back to see us.” Another prime opportunity is when the customer pays with credit card, again many times we thank them for coming in but to make things more personal we could say something like: “Thank you for coming in Mrs. San Martin, we hope your experience was wonderful and hope you will choose our venue again.”

Getting to know your customer and addressing them by name makes for a more personal experience and leaves them with a warm feeling. Using Conqueror Pro, you can use the “desktop message” function to remind your employees to greet and thank customers by name.

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