4 Things That Will Keep Them Coming Back

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Organized events come in all shapes and sizes and are valuable,  not only because they boost revenue but because they are bringing in new faces that might not have ever visited your facility.  So how do we make sure that this, perhaps one time customer, comes back?  What can we do to turn these customers into repeat, loyal customers and a source for great word of mouth advertising and positive exposure of your center through user generated content (UGC), which refers to digital content produced and shared by end users such as chats, posts, digital images, discussion forums, podcasts, online reviews, etc.?   Let’s take a look at four areas we can focus on to keep event guests coming back to the center.


Your facility is part of your brand and should be examined routinely to make sure it is not sending out the wrong message.  The first impression for a first time guest is what they see when they turn into the parking lot.  Are you ready?

  • Does the building need a new coat of paint?
  • Does the sign need a facelift?
  • If you have an outside message board, have you checked the message lately?
  • Is the parking lot clean?
  • Is the parking lot well lit and in good repair?
  • Are the entry doors crystal clear or full of smudges?
  • Is the entryway bright, clean and inviting?
  • *Sniff* *Sniff* does it smell good?
  • Any stains need removing on the carpet?
  • Are all the lightbulbs burning?
  • Is it easy to know where to go?
  • Marketing material professional looking?
  • Do monitors need dusting?
  • Do gutters have dust bunnies?
  • Do approaches have scuff marks?
  • Does the furniture need upholstering or repairing?
  • Do the bathrooms pass the “mommy inspection”?


Even though event guests have been invited by the event organizer, they are the centers guests’ and providing them over the top service will make a lasting impression.


  • After the guests’ initial impression the facility, their next impression of the center is formed when they interact with the staff.  A warm friendly welcome can make a big difference.  Customers love to feel special and appreciated so encourage staff members to call customers by name, thank them and take time to make eye contact or initiate a quick, genuine conversation and get to know them.
  • Staff the center with employees that radiate enthusiasm with their body language and come to work every day equipped with good attitudes and a smile.  It is clear to see when a staff member enjoys what they do so keeping them motivated and excited about their job is essential.
  • Center guests are coming to your center to have fun…shouldn’t your employees too?  Interacting with the guests can be fun.  Next person to show a picture of their pet wins a prize or how about hosting a trivia challenge?  Encourage staff members to share ideas on new promotions or programs, new food and beverage offerings or new things that they have discovered in Conqueror Pro or BES X.  When an employee sees one of their ideas or suggestions be utilized or implemented, it empowers and motivates them
  • Encourage management to mingle with guests, thanking them and listening to any feedback they might have.  This is standard practice at many restaurants and has proven to have many lasting benefits.


Customers are often limited on time and patience too, so convenience is something that is highly sought after.

  • Make it easy to find what they are looking for (restaurant, bar, restrooms, trash cans, staff member)
  • Are staff members easy to identify?
  • This is a cashless society…do you accept credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or have an ATM machine?
  • Make it easy for them to spend money.  Are you utilizing Conqueror QPads at every touch point or offering Lane Order Menus to increase revenue?
  • Are you using LED Color Effects to direct guests to their lanes?


BES X allows the customer to have a unique and customized experience each and every visit with the wide variety of environments and games but throw in a few unexpected treasures and turn event guests into repeat customers and your best form of advertisement.

  • Exceed their expectations. Go over and above to make it a memorable and talked about event.  Offer the unexpected.
  • Utilize Welcome Screens and Signature Grids to honor or recognize guests. (Retiree, Employee of the Quarter, Coach, Birthday Person, etc). Make them feel special from the start!
  • Offer a Match My Monster utilizing Monster Factory to fundraisers as option to raise additional funds. Contest adds fun to the event and exposes guests to a new way to play.
  • Utilize lighting to make a visually appealing experience. Center Punch Deck Lighting is a great way to immerse guests into the fun.
  • Music has been proven to make people happier. Playing appropriate music and music videos can enhance an experience and often softens the mood in the event something goes astray.
  • Remember if English is not the primary language of guests to make their experience more enjoyable by offering language alternatives.
  • Recommend to event coordinators alternate ways to give out door prizes such as Lucky Train, Lane Lotto or Virtual Red Pin.
  • Run a special Lucky Train with a prize from the center. Have some fun, hype it up and draw attention to the monitors…you know, the louder you are, the better your chances of the train stopping on your lane.


It’s nice to know when you are appreciated and hearing it and seeing it goes a long ways to establish the basics for a great relationship.

  • It should be common practice to welcome each guest to the center but it should also be standard to thank them and let them know you hope to see them again. “Thanks for coming in.  I hope to see you again soon.”
  • Are you capturing data from event guests so you can stay in touch?
  • Are you offering them a special offer to get them back? Need an idea?  CLICK HERE
  • Do you have all your programs and promotions clearly displayed? Perhaps the event guests don’t even know what all you offer.

Wouldn’t you like to turn ALL your event guests into regular customers?  Take a look at the reasons you are giving your event guests to come back to your center and make them count!  Grow your business one happy customer at a time!



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