Are Your Customers Carded?

Are your customers serving as advertising ambassadors for your center? Are your customers being reminded of your center each time they go into their wallet? Are others being exposed to your center when they see their friend’s loyalty club card for your center? Customized gift cards and loyalty club cards serve as fantastic advertisement for your center.

Frequent Bowler Tracker provides the platform for gift cards and loyalty program through the use of magnetic strip cards. As a result, we are often asked where these cards can be purchased and what are the specifications for the cards?

As a convenience for our valued customers, we have conducted some market research and found a company that has proven to provide competitive pricing, great selection and prompt service. We are not affiliated with the company in any way except that we have personally used them with great results and are confident that they will take care of our customers properly.   We realize it takes time to find sources for products necessary to run your center and want to make it as easy as we can for you to be successful.

Plastic Card Monster is familiar with QubicaAMF cards and has the proper specifications for the cards already on file. Please ask specifically for the person listed below and make sure they know you are a QubicaAMF customer so they can access the proper specs.

If you already have a preferred provider and are looking for the card specifications, we have listed them below:


100 N. Central Expressway, #407

Richardson, TX 75081

Vanessa Li, Account Executive


Phone: 888-909-6888


  • Standard PVC laminated Plastic Card 2 1/8’ X 3 3/8” with magnetic strip
  • STRIP ON CARD:  CANNOT be HI-CO (Must be LOW-CO)* cards must be encoded if center doesn’t have a read/writer.  If center does have a reader/writer, it is a matter of preference.
  • MAGNETIC STRIP is 3 3/8 X 7/16”
  • Our system reads/writes the magnetic cards in TRACK 2
  • THICKNESS: 76/100 mm
  • MAGNETIC SIDE:  300 oe Roll-on

It is best to have the cards pre-written. Pre-written cards can start with any number. 1,000,000 would be safe not to run into any other cards already in the system. This will eliminate the need to number the cards when attaching them to customers FBT accounts.

Keep in mind it isn’t necessary to have a huge selection of gift card designs for customers to choose from. Custom gift card holders will allow for personalized selection at a fraction of the cost.

We would love to hear your thoughts!